Cattle Feeding Equipment

When taking care of your cattle you need to make sure that they are living in the best conditions possible and that you are feeding them properly. It is difficult to feed the different cattle that you have without using the necessary feed cattle equipment. There are many different things that you are able to use which makes it easier for you and for the cattle to get enough.

Feed Dispenser

Using a feed dispenser will allow you to load, transport, and dispense cake feed, pellets, or grain to the different cattle that you have. All you need is a round bale handler, a tractor, or a trailer style feeder. This is an easy piece of equipment to use and helps to reduce the amount of food that is able to be lost and wasted.

Winter Water Feeding Box

This is a particular type of feed cattle equipment during the cold winter months. The machine uses water that is pumped through a mechanical timed switch that is on the cow demand. It is built to work when it is wet and to keep that water from freezing. It is also able to be used during the warmer months and can easily be transported.

Feed Bunks

Sometimes it is just easier to use the traditional feed bunks to get the job done. These are simple feeders that are used to mix and store the food. All the cattle have to do is walk right up to it and start eating when you have filled it up. It is best to purchase the type that are made with the right material that is easy to clean and will not rust easily.

Stationary Feeder

The stationary feeder is a self feed cattle equipment that is designed with a rectangular tubing skid on a channel frame. The distinct skids are built with loops on either end to make it easy for farmers to move when needed. They are also designed with a ground open lid, fold our rain awnings, two observation steps, and flow doors that are can be adjusted easily.