Cattle Handling Equipment

Various animals, even among the same breeds, will have a different type of personality and most be handled in a specific way. The same is true for cattle. In order to make sure that they are being treated properly there are specialists who called cattle handlers that use cattle handling equipment who understand the animal and learn to predict their behavior.

In doing this they will be able to know and predict how the cattle will react. This will assist to keep any injuries down to a bare minimum. In order to successfully handle the cattle the handler requires the use of the necessary cattle handling equipment.

Promold Texas Shed

This particular piece of equipment is necessary in making sure that your cow and calf have very little pests on them. It is built with a visual system that allows you to save money and time be preventing much of the liquid from being wasted. The pest control oils are sprayed gently onto the cattle and then worked in with gentle brushes.

Calf Table

A calf table is not always needed for some people – but it helps to make it easier for people to securely handle their calves. It is built with a self catching head gate and a full body squeeze that will keep the calf secure as you tip the table onto its side. The head gate is able to open up widely in order to allow the calf to leave without hurting itself. It is also built with three drop down branding doors that works separate from each other.

Cattle Tub

A cattle tub is an important cattle handling equipment that is used for farms that have quite a lot of cattle that they need to herd. This is an easy way for you to move the cattle in twos without losing track of them. It will save you on time and help you to keep a close eye and control where they are going.

It is basically a long open tunnel that you build along your land and which ends at the location in which you need them to be in. You will be able to decide how long or wide it needs to be. It connects together for easy installation and helps you to keep the cattle moving along at a decent pace and without them straying off.