Cattle Head Catcher

When you have cattle there are many things that you will need to do with them. In order to get the job done right the first time they need to be able to have someone who understands what to expect from the cattle and the right equipment. Together they will be able to control them and do what they need to do.

A cattle head catcher is something that is able to hold the cow or calf in place to allow you to do what you need to do with it. There are many different pieces of equipment that will help to hold them steady without hurting them in anyway.

Automatic Head Gate

It is best to purchase a head gate that is automatic. The side panels will move inwards and will provide an opening that is only large enough to hold the cattleā€™s head. The moment the shoulders hit the side panels the head gate will close down and keep them in place. All you need to do when trying to release the cattle is to move the panels back out.


Perhaps one of the most important for the cattle head catcher is the chute. These machines have controls that are easy to use and are located in a central position to make them easy to find. Most chutes are easy to use and only require one man to do it. Because the cattle can be different size and age you need to make sure that it is adjustable to fit their size.

There should be front and side exits that are easy to access. Most are also designed with vertical drop bars and side panels to keep the animal in place. Apart of this machine is the head gate – which we already talked about. Most of these are able to hold up to 940 pounds.