Show Cattle Equipment

There are many facets of agriculture. Many of us think that it is simply a farming type occupation in which people raise animals and provide us with different types of meat and milk and other products. However, there is so much more to it. Many people who raise cattle will show off their best one at a cattle show.

This allows families, farmers, and even young adults to raise what they believe to be there best cow and bring them to one of these shows. In order to accomplish this they need to use the proper show cattle equipment in order to prepare them. Below is a list of some of the more popular items that are needed.

Cattle Grooming Equipment

In order for your cow to look its best you need to be using the necessary grooming equipment. This includes using a grooming brush, conditioners, and even touch up. The touch up is one of the most important because it is able to give your cow just the right finish and glossy look to help it look better. The conditioner of course helps their hair to be smooth and shiny and perfect for showing off.

Cattle Halters

In order for people to get a good look at your cow you need to lead them around the arena. The only way that you are able to do this is if they are wearing the cattle halter. This is easy to put on them and comes in different sizes and types. You can also purchase neck sweats and chafing pads to make it more comfortable for them.

Display Cages

It is important that you be able to keep your cow with you at all times and make it easier for people to know which one is yours. You need to purchase a display cage in which they will be able to stay confined and away from the other cows. This helps you to keep an eye on them and to make it easier for the judges to tell them apart.